Can I get to an interactive console for a test or pre-request context?

Hi, I’m trying to write a test that grabs cookie information out of a response header and populates environment variables with it so that I can include it in subsequent request headers.

I’m new to javascript, so my confidence is low. I find the [write-tests] -> [press-Run] -> [puzzle-over-results] -> [rewrite-tests] workflow kind of slow.

I would rather tinker around in a javascript console in the test context so that I can do things like type pm.request and have the console describe that object to me.

Is it possible to access such a console? How?


----- EDIT ----

I promise I searched heavily before posting, but I somehow overlooked this:

I’d still prefer an interactive environment (equivalent to placing a breakpoint at the end of the test), but the combination of console.log with the Postman Console is working well enough

Glad you found the postman console useful, we can consider your use case as a feature request. Would update here if we do.