Testcase - API and POSTMAN

I am practicing and i got stuck on this situation

I have the following API: https://jsonplaceholder.typicode.com/

And this API has the following endPoints:
posts 100 posts
comments 500 comments
albums 100 albums
photos 5000 photos
all 200 all
users 10 users

Consider this API and its resources.

I want to select 3 of these resources and design the functional test cases that fit properly and then automate at least 6 different test cases in Postman

I’m kinda stuck on this

Hi @Postman_10

Not sure I follow what you’re stuck on, could you elaborate a little?

If it’s just how to add tests against a call, then use the “tests” tab within your HTTP request like this;

You could then use the “Collection Runner” to run specific calls.

The automation bit is kinda subjective to how you choose to run your framework. The one I’m using is currently triggered by GitHub commits.