Laragon + Laravel: "cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate"

Let me explain my problem as I am using Laragon for my local environment and turned on SSL in it. Also I am using Postman v9.14.12.

My project is on Laravel 5.7 and I am trying to use my created APIs from Postman. Everything is working fine when I use my custom localhost name like http://solo.test (without SSL) but when I use https://solo.test (with SSL) then Postman return " SSL Error: Self signed certificate | Disable SSL Verification" as I have turned on SSL Certificate Verification in > Setting > General.

To fix this, I followed the below step to get it okay with SSL.

  1. Download “cacert.pem” from here: curl - Extract CA Certs from Mozilla.
  2. Save the cacert.pem file “C:\PHP\Extras\SSL” in my system.
    Example: Since I am modifying both php.ini, and telling PHP where to look for this file on a Windows server, save the cacert.pem in “C:\PHP\Extras\SSL”.
  3. Open my php.ini file and change:
    ; curl.cainfo =
    curl.cainfo = “C:\PHP\Extras\SSL\cacert.pem”;
  4. Restart my Laragon Server.

Also I copied SSL Certificate from my custom domain using export method and add it to cacert.pem file.

Now I open this certificate in notepad and copied all data to cacert.pem in “C:\PHP\Extras\SSL” then I added this file in Postman Certificates Settings as shown below.

Now after doing all of this, I am able to hit my APIs from Postman but the problem now is that I can’t hit any API that is calling another inside API using CURL request as many of my APIs are interconnected so without connected API is working fine after the upper steps but inter-connected API are giving “cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate” error when code is hitting another inner API using CURL aAnd here is my 200 Response


Now how to fix this inner API calls using CURL error 60? The reason I am asking here that it is working fine when the application is hosted on Server with SSL and without SSL but not in my Local Environment with SSL.

Waiting for a detailed response.

How I Get My SSL Certificate Of Local Custom Host Name?

Here is the steps for getting it.


Update: I checked this that my Code is sending HTTPS request internally to another API when calling from main API so I forcefully make it HTTP while making an internal request then it is working perfectly. So what is the main problem?