401 Unauthorized Running Postman PATCH

Hello, I couldn’t find an answer by searching so posting here, thanks for any help. I attempting to send what I think is a pretty basic PATCH request to Oracle Fusion.

I’m using Basic Auth with valid username and password.

I’ve added one Header: Content-Type application/vnd.oracle.adf.resourceitem+json

Body and URL are good.

When I hit Send I get “401 Unauthorized”.

I can run the same PATCH with Curl and it is successful, but I did have to add “–ssl-no-revoke” to get it to work. I think my issue with Postman may be in the same area but I can’t seem to find where to specify something like “–ssl-no-revoke”. SSL certificate verification is OFF.

That’s about it, happy to provide any other info, thanks!

It’s in the request settings.

“Enable SSL certificate verification”

Thank for your reply. When I enable SSL certificate verification the error changes to “Error: self signed certificate in certificate chain”.

I exported the certificate and added it to Settings/CA Certificates but still getting the same self signed certificate in certificate chain error.

Have a look at the following