JSON data driven test: 38 iterations in json file, only 36 executed


I am data driving a request with a large json file that has 38 iterations. These are visible when previewing the file:

When I actually run the test, only 36 iterations execute:

Can someone please suggest why? Thank you in advance.

Hey @frankdoylezw

What does the iteration count in the main runner view say?

Have you been adding to or amending the file without re-selecting that file for the run?

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Hey @dannydainton

Thanks for getting back to me. You’re right - I think I’d added to the file and then not started a new runner session to get the changes picked up. It’s working fine, now.

What’s strange is that amends seem to reflect without reloading (e.g. if I change a value on an existing request in the data file) but completely new additions do not?

In any case - I’ll know to re-select the file, next time.

Thanks again.