Can we randomly retrieve data from json file using data driven approach


I have a file with 20k records, from this I need to randomly pick around 150 records and then use in my script, is this possible? Can anyone help me with this?

Hey @jency.stella19,

Could you let us know how you’re consuming that data? Is it through the Collection Runner, as a variable in Tests, or through an API?

Hi @arlemi thank you for your response.

I’m fetching the data through Collection Runner.

Used modulo operator to fetch the records from the file.

  • In Pre-request I fetched the total records and used in the Test script to do my testing

    //Finding the total number of iterations that are scheduled to run since Total number of iterations === Number of rows in your CSV File

    var list =;


    pm.environment.set(“Total_Records”, list);

  • In Test script I checked the modulo value and did the tests as needed >> IF ($rownumber%(square root of the total number of records in file))=0 {do you test} else {postman.setNextRequest(null);}

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