Jira Server extract and transform data

Hi there,
I have just started using postman and am able to get output from our on-premise Jira via REST but it is the same, more or less, as I get by making a request in my (Firefox) browser.
My aim was to use postman to create a REST call with which I can extract and transform the retrieved data into a form or shape that is easily presentable and to run this daily in Confluence so the data is presented there.

So I am looking for a way to format the json output in such a way that I can present it in a table or other readable form that regular business users (basically non-techies) can look into for reference.

Purpose: employees in our company that need to create / modify Jira projects are in need of knowing which system wide settings/values are present so they can make use of those or request additions.
For example “Statuses”, “Resolutions”, “Fields”, etc. are things they will need in their project but only a Jira system admin can view those.

Currently I have only been able to ‘extract’ data by, as a Jira system admin, going to the various menus and copy pasting the screen values, modifying that extract to what is needed and adding it in a table in Confluence. This is quickly outdated of course and I would need to repeat the entire process manually each time.
I have provided the API address (https://our-jira-server.com/rest/api/latest/) so people can view json in their browser and do search on data but many people don’t understand this output and don’t know how to use it.

Hopefully someone out there has experience with this and can help me on my way a little?

Thanks and regards