Issues with the Mac version of the Postman app

In a 30 minute session with postman, I have to kill and restart it typically 5 - 10 times. NOTE: we only use postman to call rest endpoints. Nothing more. We use the free version, due to high cost of to get team sharing.

There are so many bugs. Is this normal?

Examples are

  1. dissapearing reqests in a collection. Restarting magically brings them back.
  2. calls hanging indefinitely, despite setting call timeout, and no “cancel request” button means you have to restart postman.
  3. Parts of UI randomly go missing. restarting fixes it.
  4. other random effects.
  5. disappearing collections. restart brings them back
  6. failing to startup, or starting up with missing or broken UI ellements.

None of these appear to be reproducible, they just happen randomly.

I have the latest version (11.2.0)

Is the web version any better?

Hey @entainme :wave:

Have you reached out to our support team on about any of these issues you’re facing?

By grabbing your logs and sending them to the team to investigate, they might be able to troubleshoot and see what’s happening for you in your instance.

As you mentioned, these are not reproducible so it could be something specific to your machine/environment.

The Web platform is available for you to use if the current Desktop is preventing you from sending those requests.