Is there a way to run postman without the app?


I was wondering if its possible to run Postman without the app? For example, I run pgadmin4 in server mode locally and access it in my browser, similarly for vscode (there is an open source version of vscode called code-server, that lets you run vscode as a server). Can the same be done for postman?


Hello @sindhus-bb ! You can use Postman in your browser, absolutely. Do you have an account? Once you sign up and sign in, you can access it simply at

hi @hannah.neil

I do not want to use the web/cloud version which is I want to run postman locally in server mode and then access it via localhost:port in my browser. is this possible?

also because postman web ui cannot send requests to my locally running dev servers.

Any update on this? I would like to use Postman but not as through the mac client but as a server on my local machine.