Invalid API-key for binance

I’m newbie on crypto trading, i’m following the procedure from binance for trading via Postman.

My question:
how can i solve what follows?

Issue details:

I followed this procedure:

and work on a PC with windows10.

when I send the request located at Collections/Binance spot API/Trade/GET Account information (USER DATA)
i’ve the following error message:

“code”: -2015,
“msg”: “Invalid API-key, IP, or permissions for action.”

I’ve already tried:

my issue is that possible reasons from previous similar incidents have been checked unsuccesfully:

  • the Binance API key has been generated with only thicking options:

    • enable reading : yes
    • enable spot & margin trading: yes
    • all other options → no
      → API restriction: “Restrict access to trusted IPs only”
      IP adress obtained by cmd/ipconfig → provides IPv4 adress
      (same error with “Unrestricted” option)
  • the API key and secret key have been set in the Binance Spot Testnet API “current value” field and this same environment has been selected in the top right envirnment field

  • in the “Collections/Binance spot API/Trade/GET Account Information (USER_DATA)” request, the timestamp and signature seems ok but i’m not able to juge the request code:

  • also the header “X-MBX-APIKEY” is selected

and the SEND action finally lead to the error message:

the only un-consistancy that i noted are:

  • the environment is the “Testnet” and the collection mentionned in the procedure uses the “Binance spot API” that doesn’t mention the “testnet” word and there are some warning in some supports that says that tesstnet and production API are not the same

  • the procedure mentionned to generate a HMAC “SHA256” and Binance has not mentionned this SHA256 when the HMAC API key is created

could you please give me some help?

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