Interceptor not able to connect to Postman when using chromedriver

I am trying to run a selenium-webdriver test and capture the API requests it generates using Postman + Interceptor. I am not able to use selenium-wire for this as the actual test is written using protractor and the issue is seen there as well.
Here’s the code:

 import os
 import time
 from selenium import webdriver
 from import Options

 executable_path = "./chromedriver"
 interceptor_crx_path = "./Postman Interceptor"

 os.environ[""] = executable_path
 chrome_options = Options()

 driver = webdriver.Chrome(executable_path=executable_path, chrome_options=chrome_options)

Although the interceptor extension gets added to Chrome, but it’s not able to connect to Postman.
I have verified that the extension id matches aicmkgpgakddgnaphhhpliifpcfhicfo
If I do not use chromedriver (ie start Chrome normally) then its able to connect successfully.
What am I doing wrong?

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