Inherit Auth From Parent not working in v10

The “inherit auth from parent” function is not working in a fresh download of v10. I’m seeing a lot of discussion from 2021 about needing to change and save the auth type for the parent folder and collection, which I have done multiple times to no avail. I get 401 from all endpoints both in the collection runner and when running the requests ad hoc. Does anyone have a workaround?

Hi @mking

When set as ‘inherit from parent’ what do you see being passed in the console log?

We’ve fixed this in the latest update, can you restart the app/refresh your web app to see if things are working fine for you?

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Yes thanks, it’s working now. I had downgraded my desktop app to an older version and I used the Update from the Help menu to go back to v10 and everything looks great.

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