Auth inheritance not working on v6.1.4

I’m using auth inheritance a lot, where I specify auth type Bearer and {{JWT-Token}} in collection or folder.
The latest version seem to have broken that and I need to manually configure auth for the requests.

Impacts GET and POST requests.

Current workaround of configuring each individual request is working but it’s very annoying as inheritance is very good and makes me look like a wizard in my team. :slight_smile:

@jk-ssw Hi Jernej,
I tried this and was able to use auth inheritance.
Here’s a sample collection that you can try out.
Run in Postman

If the above collection works that would mean that auth inheritance is working. There might be some misconfiguration in your request. Please share a screenshot of the request showing the auth.
The option Inherit auth from parent should be selected.

I had a similar problem in 7.8.0. The solution was to set auth to “No auth” then back to “Inherit from parent”.
Not sure if this is caused by me using an env var for the Bearer token or not.

I had the same problem here and just found out that I needed to save the request in the collection - after that the inheritance started working.

When you start a new collection, and a new request inside it, the system gives the false impression that the request already belongs to the collection, what in fact is not true - you need to explicitly save it.

Hope that helps.