Inherit auth from parent doesn't work when clicking links in response body

Summary: Why don’t requests created from clicking on a link in a response body inherit auth from the original tab in the new request tab when Auth is set to “Inherit auth from parent”?

Postman for Windows
Version 6.0.9
win32 10.0.15063 / x64

My team develops a REST API (Odata based) that produces lots of dynamically generated links in the various resources that represent semi-transient entities the application manages.

Many static resources are saved in a collection for the app, but it doesn’t make sense to have the transient links saved into the collection. The collection is setup for authentication using the selected environment with Inherit auth from parent. All works great for static links from the collection.

When clicking a transient link provided in a static resource the new tab that’s opened shows Auth type “Inherit auth from parent”, but does not actually use the authentication data from the originating request tab. This makes walking the application tedious, as every clicked resource requires pulling down the Auth menu to select “Basic Auth”, which then uses the default credentials.

Is there a reason “Inherit auth from parent” doesn’t work across clicked links? It seems reasonable to consider the original response body as the “parent” of the new request.

I do a lot of demos of my application using Postman. It actually becomes very distracting as I describe the API usage that I’m constantly fiddling with the Auth menu on every resource link; literally every few seconds.

I was going to submit an issue, but considered I may be doing something wrong or misunderstanding a restriction of some sort.

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