Imported ClickUp API, got Authorization Token, can't figure out how to enter it

I’m trying to get custom field IDs and my workspace ID from my personal ClickUp to create an automation in Make/Integromat. This is my first time this involved with coding programs and APIs, and I think I figured out how to at least import the ClickUp API (although I’m not sure that’s what I’m supposed to do yet). I got my Personal API Token, as per the ClickUp instructions, but I HOW do I enter this thing? It

It looks like I’m supposed to enter the token somehow, which authorizes my requests, and then I can get the information I need specifically from my ClickUp by entering commands into the GET bar?

I tried switching Authorization type to OAuth 2.0 and putting the token in the “Access Token” spot. One time it asked me to store it somewhere…I don’t know what I was supposed to do with that and I’m sure whatever I entered in the other mandatory field was wrong.

Hi @yallo248

If you have already generated the token and it uses the prefix “Bearer”, then try using the “Bearer Token” option;

Sounds like you need to read the documentation which hopefully will confirm what the type is, as I’m not aware of “personal”. It might be bearer as @w4dd325 has mentioned, but the documentation should clarify it (to prevent you having to try and guess, or test each one).