Import WSDL Specification - Error "Cannot find protocol in those namespaces"


I was thrilled to see in release notes 8.4.0 and 8.6.0 that Postman has now a way to import WSDL specifications and convert it to a sample request. This is the only feature that would let me uninstall completely SoapUI and use Postman instead.

However, I have trouble uploading the WSDL specifications given by my SOAP provider.
I always get the error message “Error while importing WSDL: Cannot find protocol in those namespaces”


Those WSDL files actually load correctly into SOAPui, too bad they don’t on Postman :slightly_frowning_face:
SAP WSDL Manage Purchase Orders
SAP WSDL Manage Sales Orders
SAP WSDL Manage Bank Advices

Thanks for the help !