Import WSDL Specification - Error "Cannot find protocol in those namespaces"


I was thrilled to see in release notes 8.4.0 and 8.6.0 that Postman has now a way to import WSDL specifications and convert it to a sample request. This is the only feature that would let me uninstall completely SoapUI and use Postman instead.

However, I have trouble uploading the WSDL specifications given by my SOAP provider.
I always get the error message “Error while importing WSDL: Cannot find protocol in those namespaces”


Those WSDL files actually load correctly into SOAPui, too bad they don’t on Postman :slightly_frowning_face:
SAP WSDL Manage Purchase Orders
SAP WSDL Manage Sales Orders
SAP WSDL Manage Bank Advices

Thanks for the help !

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I have the same issue with the valid wsdl

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Can I confirm that these have been officially reported on our issue tracker so the development team can investigate further?

As this is the Postman community user forum, things get lost and the majority of the time they’re seen only by other Postman users and not the team. :cry:

Hello @dannydainton
Thanks for your comment.
I believe those have not been yet.
I was not sure whether it was a bug or not, and if I was supposed to post directly in the git tracker.
But now it’s done :slight_smile:

Thanks !

When in doubt, create a new issue :grin:

We can add more context/information to the GH Issue but more importantly, it’s put in front of the team immediately rather than just put in front of your fellow Postman users.

Thanks for raising :trophy:

@fxlepoutre This issue should be fixed now with the latest version of the Postman App and on Postman web.

Indeed, this is fixed, thanks!

i’ve got the same problem. the WSDL are correctly loaded in SOAPui but not in postman. i’ve downloaded the latest build, but the issue is still here. Should I create a new topic ?

Version 9.0.3
win32 10.0.19043 / x64
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Postman for Windows
Version 9.0.5
win32 10.0.19043 / x64