AsyncAPI Ideas - General information

Hey to all interested in ideas for AsyncAPI.

We are getting a lot of interest these days and because many of you already joined AsyncAPI Slack, we decided to create there a dedicated channel to streamline discussion and mentor support.

Please join and the #gsoc

I’ll summarise all the basics here so others can see it:

  • AsyncAPI takes part in GSoC through Postman
  • Official Postman Guidelines are here GSoC 2021 Guidelines - #3
  • If you already know what idea you want to work on, then please make “official” topic here GSoC - Postman to make it easier for @ Sharath_Iyengar that handles all the logistics to know about all applicants
  • You can talk to us through Postman forum or on Slack or GitHub issues. Up to you, I monitor all channels and will also inform other mentors to get their attention if needed.
  • There is no better way to start with AsyncAPI than the getting started guides Introduction | AsyncAPI Initiative that explain basics and tutorials that show our tools in action. Even if some ideas do not require you to know much about event-driven architectures and AsyncAPI, I think touching the surface and understanding who you build the ideas for helps a lot
  • Not all ideas brought up to the GSoC have a corresponding GitHub issue, just let us know you need one and we can create it like I did with AsyncAPI Applications Relations Finder · Issue #16 · asyncapi/community · GitHub
  • If some ideas are not clear then please ask what you need, what is unclear, what needs explanation. We will provide all you need in GitHub issues so also others can see, describe requirements that are missing
  • Feel free also to jump into repositories to look through some PRs to see how we work.
  • Feel free to pick up some basic simple tasks to get familiar with our workflows. There are only few issues marked as good first issues Search · user:asyncapi label:"good first issue" state:open · GitHub but this is not a problem. The best way to learn the tool is to write some tests for it. So just grab JS Parser, or maybe react-sdk or model-sdk and just run tests and check the coverage and write some tests for not covered parts. Of course, if you need help, just ask
  • All global community documents like contributing guide or a guide that explains our git workflow are here GitHub - asyncapi/.github: Location of all reusable community health files. I recommend instructions from .github/ at master · asyncapi/.github · GitHub
  • AsyncAPI GitHub org → AsyncAPI Initiative · GitHub

Cheers and good luck