Idea 4: API-First Blueprint for a Commerce API - Looking out for some more information

Hey, I’m Sarthak Saxena, a pre-final year student studying CSE at SRM IST KTR, Chennai.
I am interested in working on idea 4.

I have drafted a proposal :
Proposal for Idea 4

I have gone through the API-First Development approach.
I have gone through some OpenAPI documents and got an idea about how they’re designed using the OpenAPI specification.
I am currently learning how to perform mocking on postman.
I have run tests on postman before, so I have an idea of how to perfrom JavaScript testing and use the collection runner.

I am trying to figure out how works with an API. Can I have some more info regarding this? Thanks. @meenakshi.dhanani

My GitHub Profile
My LinkedIn Profile

Thank you so much for expressing your interest and ideas.

The idea documents have been shared with the relevant mentors.

For easier discussion, please create a different topic for one of the days and you can continue one here


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I’ve created another topic for the discussion regarding Idea 7. Thanks.

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Hey @silence_of_reality,
There are a lot of schemas here like Restaurant - Type that we can use to build API specs for the Commerce API. It would be a good exercise to familiarize yourself with these schemas.

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Thanks, I’ll go through them.

Hey @meenakshi.dhanani , I have gone through some schemas on I have got an understanding of how these schemas are going to be helpful while building the OpenAPI specification doc. I am going through the OpenAPI specification now, which would enable me to integrate these schemas properly into a specification document. Does that sound good to you? Thanks.

On the right track @silence_of_reality! :slight_smile:

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Hi @meenakshi.dhanani, I have made an OpenAPI document for one of my past projects i.e. E-commerce portal for Clothing. It is not a complex one but I thought it would be good to start with this. Please have a look - Link

Hey @silence_of_reality,
Would love to see that API in a Postman workspace!

Sure @meenakshi.dhanani , I’ll do that and let you know.

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Hey @meenakshi.dhanani , I’ve sent you a workspace invite on your email. Thanks.

@meenakshi.dhanani In case you’re free can you please review the proposal once before I submit it.