Idea 5: API Conversion API - Proposal Review

Hey, I’m Sarthak Saxena, a pre-final year student studying CSE at SRM IST KTR, Chennai.
I am interested in working on idea 5 - API Conversion API.

Proposal for Idea 5

@meenakshi.dhanani Please have a look. Thanks.

I have worked on a simple prototype for this and I’m planning to build on it.
Prototype Link
@meenakshi.dhanani Please have a look.
@Sharath_Iyengar Could you please share this with the other mentors as well. Thanks.

Thank you so much for writing in :slight_smile:

Mentors will review and respond in the coming 48-72 hours.


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Added comments on the doc @silence_of_reality

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Hey @meenakshi.dhanani , I have updated the proposal based on your comments. Please have a look. Thanks.

@meenakshi.dhanani I’ve made a simple live prototype for the project and added the link to it in the proposal. For now, it supports OAS3 / OAS2 ( YAML / JSON ) to Postman. Please have a look. Thanks.

@meenakshi.dhanani In case you’re free can you please review the proposal once before I submit it.

@silence_of_reality Reviewing it now

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@meenakshi.dhanani Thanks for the review!

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@meenakshi.dhanani @Sharath_Iyengar It was great communicating with you and upgrading my proposal, thanks for the help. Learnt new stuff in the process.


@meenakshi.dhanani @Sharath_Iyengar I’ve added support for 3 more conversions - raml1 → postman2, postman2 → openapi3, raml1 → openapi3. These are working for all valid specifications. Converter Link

raml1 → openapi3 follows the path raml1 → postman2 → openapi3.

I’ve added a test file link for raml1 → openapi3 in the readme of the backend repository

Please have a look, thanks.

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Hey @meenakshi.dhanani, there was a bug in postman2 → openapi3, I’ve fixed and it should be working now.