Idea 7: Simple schema registry - Looking out for some clarification

Hey, I’m Sarthak Saxena, a pre-final year student studying CSE at SRM IST KTR, Chennai.
I am interested in working on idea 7 - Simple schema registry.

Proposal for Idea 7

From what I’ve understood from the readme and also having a look at the spec document, I am required to develop endpoints following the above document, which would be used to store and retrieve schemas in order to facilitate deserialization of payloads by intermediate applications.
I will be building the requests and mocking them via Postman mock server, am I right?
I have gone through AsyncAPI documents. Instead of defining the schema in the document, are we going to use the group-id, schema-id etc., and accessing the schema via the newly built APIs ?
I’m willing to learn whatever is required. Currently I don’t have a good idea about how these schemas are used for serialization and deserialization. I have worked with ORM and serialization and deserialization in Flask. I think it might be similar.
@jibin.mathews Please do have a look.

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@jibin.mathews It was fun talking to you and updating the proposal based on your comments. Thanks for the useful information and feedback.