Idea 2: Parallel Iterations In Newman

Hi! I am Ananya Uppal and I am a second-year student pursuing B.Tech in PES UNIVERSITY, RR Campus, Bangalore. I would like to discuss the idea further with the respective mentors.
Please find attached the draft of the proposal and review it at the earliest. The document access rights have been given to

Thank you so much for applying.

@utkarsh-maheshwari-p @raghav.garg @pranav-singhal Do look into this. The Proposal has been added into the relevant Google drive folder for access


Thanks so much for sharing with respective mentors!
Hoping to hear from them soon!

I also had another idea for a project that I would like to discuss with the mentors. Right now, When we run a collection inside postman-runtime and every request is executed serially. We can enhance this to run different requests in a given collection parallelly. There are two major things to take care of:

  1. Requests can be dependent on each other:- One request might be setting some variable that is being used by some other request.
  2. The number of threads should be mentioned by the user

For 1), We need to make a graph where if one request (let say R1) is using some variable, which is set by another request (say R2), Then we can make an edge between R2 → R1. Once we have made this graph, using topological sort, we can easily find out which requests will be run parallelly. We can incorporate the order specified by the user also in this.

One more thing here, this can be implemented at Newman level also (if not postman-runtime level) and we can incorporate Idea 1 (Running Single request by Newman) in this.

Just wanted to check with mentors if this is a valuable addition?

@lunar-module-meteor2 That is an interesting idea! :exploding_head:
I think we should consider it as an improvement once the parallel iterations idea implements the foundational work.

There are some features we might want to iron out (e.g. pm.setNextRequest, etc.) before we add it. I think it would benefit from a PoC before we can accept it as a proposal in GSoC.

At any rate, let’s keep the GSoC timeline in mind before we increase the scope of the ideas. We don’t want to end up with incomplete work due to overcommitted deadlines. :sweat_smile:


I have made the necessary changes to the proposal and would request the mentors to check out the updated doc and let me know their inputs! @utkarsh-maheshwari-p
Looking forward to hearing from them soon.

I have drafted the proposal for Idea1:Newman Request and would like the mentors to review the draft and give me their suggestions. The document access has been given to

Thank you so much for writing in and the document has been received.

Relevant mentors will be added in shortly.

Mentors will respond in 48-72 hours.


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Hey @lunar-module-meteor2!
We have a lot of proposals that require reviews. I’m trying to review them in a round-robin fashion to ensure everyone gets equal number of reviews. :slight_smile:
Will get back to you soon. Request you to be a little patient. :pray:

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@lunar-module-meteor2 A few comments have been placed on the document and in addition would be great if you could complete the document with introduction and project timelines etc.


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Could the updated doc for idea2: parallel iterations in Newman be reviewed as well. The changes suggested my the mentors have been made.

I have replied to your comments. Please have a look whenever you can!

@lunar-module-meteor2 Done. Can you also add more information about deliverables, timeline etc.

See the “Proposal Contents” section here:

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