Idea 2 : Implementing Parallel Iterations in newman

This is Sambhav Jain, a final year student at Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, Delhi, pursuing my Bachelor of Engineering with a major in Information Technology.
I wanted to discuss the idea with the gsoc mentors.

My idea is to first separate the iteration data based on the number of parallel runs required. Then run the parallel runs using the simple fork() to create the n number of children of the parent process. Then combine the various output files into 1. This will surely be helpful in reducing the run time factor to the order of n and will make the process more efficient.

Also this is an abstraction in newman over the existing postman runtime. This will be highly scalable also.

Can I discuss this further with any potential mentor ?


I have designed a draft proposal for my approach in the following document.
Can I get a mentor review on this ?


@Sharath_Iyengar Please look into the proposal and guide me on further improvement in the draft.

@sambhavsweethome30 Thank you so much for sharing this. I have requested the mentor to look into this.
You’ll hear an update soon.

Meanwhile, do continue with your valuable contribution by picking up issues on github and mentoring others here.


Hey @sambhavsweethome30, glad to have you here. :slight_smile:
On a high level, the idea is similar to the original post.

I could not review your proposal because you need to enable the “view” or preferably “comment” access for the proposal link that you shared.

Ping me once you’ve done that, I’ll take a look! :smiley:

Hi @utkarsh.maheshwari
I have already shared the doc with editor permissions with as it was given in the guide. If you can share your email address, I can add you in the editor list.

@utkarsh.maheshwari added you to the doc. Cheers


@utkarsh.maheshwari thanks for reviewing the document. I will make the suggested changes. I also wanted to ask your opinions on the implementation part of the idea. Can you see any other point that I may have missed ? Is this way to implementing the idea a fine approach ?

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Hi, mentors and Postman community

I am Vibhor Gupta, a fresh graduate (class of December 2020) from Delhi Technological University. I’ve submitted a proposal for the Idea: parallel iterations in Newman, PFA the link. I’ve also added to the document.
Looking forward to an early review and potential discussion on the details listed in the doc, I’m very keen on working on this project for the upcoming summer. Cheers


cc @utkarsh.maheshwari @Sharath_Iyengar

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Thank you so much for submitting your proposal.

The document has been shared with the relevant mentors


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Hi @Sharath_Iyengar

Gentle follow up, would love to get my proposal reviewed as the application period approaches and I’d prefer to get another iteration of reviews in before the deadline since the proposal requires some discussion.


@shinigami98 request if you could create a new topic. Meanwhile the proposal has been shared with the respective mentors.