I want to have different colors for certain attributes

I think this is called markdown sorry I am new so for the JSON Below Is like Address to to be required and be blue
where address2 I would want it to be red

         "Address":"4600 S. Ulster St.",

Hey @bdavis,

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It’s unclear from your question what you’re asking, would you be able to provide some context please?

For example with the image below I would liuke all the fields that are Editable to be the same color.

Markdown typically doesn’t let you choose the color for specific pieces of text.

There is some markdown functionality that lets you define the language for syntax highlighting though. You can reference some good markdown specs here.

Do you want it colored on your documentation generated through Postman? Or are you looking for somewhere else?

Hey Allen I would like to be able to color items that are required versus optional. to start

I don’t think you will be able to do that. It really depends on the markdown renderer you are using.

Check out this StackOverflow article for reference

Then what would be the most helpful to try and accomplish showing differences between optional and required.

Are you trying to show this in your published Postman documentation?

Oftentimes what people do is create a table in markdown with the parameters and denote the data types of the fields and if they are required.

Field Name Type Required
ClientId Number Yes
Status Number Yes
FirstName String No
MiddleName String No


That would work…Is there a example markdown table you could point me to?

Yeah, the first link I sent you on markdown has how to build a table, but here is the anchor link to the table section.