I don't know how to debug this post request

hello everyone,
here I am trying to make a post request to this api:http://dev.hairq.co.uk/api/bookings/create and it’s successful but I am getting some html as a response
I should make a booking by this api:http://dev.hairq.co.uk/api/bookings/create as post request and get the appointment by this api:https://dev.hairq.co.uk/api/bookings/24/?date=2020-07-13&service=55
I made the requirements correctly for both but now when I make the get request I am getting empty brackets as a response and the backend developer said it means the response was correct but you need to make a booking by the other api
here the get request response:

and here the post request returning some html:

and here’s the documentation:
backend is django

Hi @mai.sa2sa2,

Given all that you have mentioned, its going to be hard for us to troubleshoot this indirectly, and you will only be the best bet to figure it out.

If I were in your position, I would start by trying to execute requests within swagger document you provided at the bottom of your original post.
If that doesn’t, I would reach out to the developer, as thats something that should work and takes Postman out of the question. You can also try using some Postman Snippets to run the requests outside of Postman, which should also help to isolate the issue.

From what I am seeing, it looks like its a server side issue. Lastly, make sure you are not behind any proxy of that the domain isnt behind a reverse proxy that might be taking you to an incorrect server.

That’s all I can think of given this information. I hope you’re able to work it out with the developer and let us know if you do!