I am unable to overwrite the Content-Type

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My question:
I try to overwrite the automatically generated content-type by application/json but I am not able to fix that. How can I do that? The information icon says use the body to control the value?

Details (like screenshots):

How I found the problem:
I am getting a 415 unsupported Media Type

I’ve already tried:
Add content type in body and header.

The information icon suggests “Use the request body tab to control the value or to remove this header”. Next to the Headers tab, find the Body tab where you can update the content type of the request body. For example, if you wanted application/json, select Raw , and then JSON. Postman will auto-generate the header according to the request body you configured under the Body tab.

To overwrite an auto-generated header, you can’t edit the auto-generated values. However, you can add a new header, and de-select the auto-generated one.