Post Overwriting Headers Bug

I have a Content-Type header set (custom), when i navigate to Body of the request; there is a drop down which allows for Text, JavaScript, JSON, HTML, XML. Navigating back to Headers tab will have the Content-Type overwritten. This seems like a seriously annoying bug. It didn’t perform this way and realistically it shouldn’t be overwriting a field that i don’t want it to.

Maybe the intent was convenience here but it’s just pure frustration resulting in 500 Internal Server Error which wasn’t easy to figure what the issue was.

@rubygoran we are tracking this issue here:
It will be fixed soon!

@rubygoran This issue is fixed in the latest Postman app v7.7.3 .
Can you update your app and confirm if that fixes your issue?

@udit.vasu nope, didn’t fix. In body if you change it from text to json it will over-write the header content-type to application/json still.