HTML URL Encoding ("&amp", "%3A" etc.) in WSDL file is not handled properly during import

This is a minor, but annoying issue with WSDL import to Postman.
The WSDL file generated by the SAP XI system replaces the “&” in the endpoint URL with “&”. It also replaces some other special characters in the URL, like “:” with “%3A”. Postman does not handle it properly during import and just imports it as it is.
SAP was already asked this question here and stated that it is desired behavior and blame the tool that imports WSDL for not handling it properly.
This makes the services imported to POSTMAN require tedious work before they can be used.

My question:
Would it be possible to add support for HTML URL Encoding to Postman WSDL import? Perhaps optional, that could be turned on/off, as needed?

Details (like screenshots):