How to creat Requests from WSDL?

My question:
I have a WSDL endpoint URL and want to import its Requests into Postman.

When I use Import - past WSDL URL, I get the error
“Cannot download contents from url provided. Check the url and try again”.

When I use the WSDL to send as GET, I receive a proper answer from the endpoint.
But how can I create the possible Requests towards this endpoint?

Searching in Internet, I only found seemingly outtated solutions, I don’t have this import GUI in Postman available:


How I found the problem:

I’ve already tried:

Hi @dacreator !

Can you confirm the URL is accessible by external networks and not behind a VPN that could be blocking Postman from accessing?

In this scenario, I am constantly connected with VPN. When I open the URL in Chrome it works.
When I use the URL with SoapUI, I get the requests.

Thanks for the info. There may be some specific network settings or firewall rules that could be preventing Postman from accessing the WSDL file.

Here are a few things we can check:

  1. Disable SSL certificate verification: In Postman, you can turn off SSL certificate verification to check if the issue is related to SSL. Go to File → Settings → General, and turn off “SSL certificate verification”.
  2. Use Postman’s Proxy: Postman provides a way to route your requests through a proxy. This could help if the WSDL file is only accessible within a certain network. Go to File → Settings → Proxy and set up your proxy there.
  3. Import WSDL as File: If the WSDL is accessible via browser, you can save the WSDL XML to a local file and try importing it directly into Postman using the “Import” button, then “Upload Files”.
  4. Check for Network Issues: Since you’re using a VPN, there might be some network restrictions. Check if there are any rules that might prevent Postman from making a connection to the URL.

Not working, keep getting:
“Error while importing: Format not recognized.”

Tried adjusting settings, import from local filesystem… same error.