Html Report shows an extra test when I have only 1 test

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My question: I have one test in in test tab to just check status code

Details (like screenshots):
Screen shot attached

How I found the problem:

When i See the report it shows 2 test ideally it should be only one

I’ve already tried: with many test

this is my only code in test

pm.test(‘Validate status code is 200’, function() {;

     console.log("first time execution");


Two things to check:

  1. In the tests tab, what are the “names” of the tests that it runs? It should show the “Validate status code is 200” string from what you shared in your post, but what other test is is finding?
  2. Check your collection where this request is stored, you might have some tests there, which will also run with every request. If you have nested folders, each folder could have tests, too.