How to verify Pagination in Postman

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My question:
Our API fetches total records/total books. Further it provides details such book id, book name, author name etc. as a array in response.
Now I want to validate the pagination. Suppose the total books is equal to 768, and in the request body I have provided pageSize as 100 and pageNumber as 1, the response I get is something as below.

“totalBooks”: 768,
“bookName”: “abc”,
“bookId”: “xyz”,
“bookName”: “abcqw”,
“bookId”: “xyzplpkj”,
“bookName”: “abcpqr”,
“bookId”: “xyzghj”,
Book100: {
“bookName”: “asfabc”,
“bookId”: “xyzpoi”,

So ideally I should be getting 8 pages, first 7 pages should have 100 each and the last page should have 68. How can I validate the pagination that each page is having 100 books each.

@sivcan: Still learning Postman and would request your help with above scenario.

Books is an array, so it should be as simple as checking the array length is 100.

JavaScript Array length Property (