How to use Postman behind proxy?

Actually I’m not going to fire the request in Postman over proxy, I just need to use Postman under the environment behind proxy, and all transaction will be intranet call only. But I failed to start the Postman app.

I have just installed Postman and it return the error when the application started,

Something went wrong!
We’re having some difficulties connecting to our authentication service. Try again after some time.

I have already include the proxy setting in environment variable, but it seems not work.

So I try to add the proxy setting in File->Settings, but it crashed after I select the “Settings” from menu.

It seems that Postman cannot be use if it cannot access Postman’s server for authentication service. Is there any way to include the proxy setting for using the authentication service?

Or is it really the problem in Postman server, which cannot provide the authentication service at this moment? If so, does it mean that we cannot use Postman whenever Postman’s server is down?

I have the same issue. Did you find any solution ?