How to suppress/exclue a specific warning in newman

Hi Guys,
I have a query. In my collection run, i EXPECT a particular API to fail a few times (connection timed out error). After x number of retries, the API begins to work and the collection run proceeds.
However, i do NOT want those errors to appear in the final htmlextra report.
Does anyone have any ideas on how to approach this problem?
I see two possibilities.

  1. If we can suppress that specific error (connect ETIMEDOUT) in that particular request, so that it doesn’t appear in the report
  2. If we can exclude all errors related to “Requests” and only display “Assertions” errors as failures in the htmlextra report.
    Any suggestions are welcome! thank you in advance!

Additional info:
Postman Version 7.31.1
Background on what i am trying to do - I am trying to hit an API of a server that takes ~10 mins to boot up. Since i cannot hardcode the time taken as it may vary, i attempt to hit that API repeatedly every 30 seconds until it is up. As a result, i see ~20 failures in the report, which aren’t real failures. If there is any way we could suppress these connection timed out errors in the final htmlextra report, that would be great for when these reports are published to stakeholders.

do let me know if you need any more information.

The reporter is displaying what Newman told it about the run - so if there were ~20 failures it will show that :smiley:

There’s nothing in the reporter which will split things to show only Assertion error as a failure is a failure.

What’s the pre-request/test script that you have?

hi Danny, thank you for the quick response.
oh, that is unfortunate.
I have something in Tests, that validates if the API responseCode is 200 and if the responseBody contains a specific tag. if it does, then it reports a few tests as true (pass) and continues to next API, else, it sets the next Request as the same request after a hard wait of 30 seconds. This happens ~15 times, after which the entire test suite stops and the API and test suite is reported as failed.

I can place a hard wait of ~15 minutes in the script, and if the API doesn’t report a 200 then, fail the whole suite, but that would impact the performance and i would prefer if that is plan B.

Any ideas/suggestions?

PS: i am a huge fan of Postman, and has been the backbone of many of my automation suites.

PPS: also a huge fan of your work on htmlextra report and postman/newman docker image :slight_smile:

Appreciate the support :heart:

Can you paste your test code here please, trying to describe it is never as good as actually seeing it :grin:

Not sure I understand the fully context of why you’re waiting for a particularly server to be available and retry that same request several times.

As for the final report, it’s not a fixed template and you have the ability to use custom templates to show what ever data points you like, as long as its in the Newman run object.