How to store all my data not on Postman's servers?

Hi guys,
I have Postman’s account and all my requests, collections, environments etc. are storing on Postman’s servers.
And lets say I want to buy Enterprise plan for my company. But according to security policy I can not store such things as: cURL requests with auth tokens and so on on third party servers.
Is it possible to store all my stuff on company’s servers?
Thank you in advance.

@illya.dergun Welcome to the community!
This is a really good question, thanks for asking it.

One way that you may be able to solve this would be by passing in these values through a data file

Basically you are using a data file that you would keep locally on your machine or internal servers and not on a 3rd party system.
At run time via the Collection Runner or even Newman, you can pass in this data file.

In this file you would have these sensitive items such as tokens, keys and secrets. They can be passed in and using variables to represent these values, would be replaced at run time for the values you are passing in.

Hopefully this is helpful and let us know if you have any other questions.

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@tmccann Thank you for such a quick response.
That is definitely the answer on my question. Thanks a lot.