Is it possible to store the response body specific parameters to CSV file?

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I have a response received from particular request. Now, I have to save that response to CSV file, while running my collection it should save response to CSV file. Is there anyway that we can achieve this?

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Yes, you can do that with the help of this:

Read the documentation as explained in it and there are steps you can take for changing file extensions etc.

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I have gone through the article you gave in the above, it says to clone the repository it has, unfortunately we don’t have an access to github to clone or even open it. Is there any other way that I can use your script present in github and run in postman without cloning entire repo?

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You can write your own server, you need not clone it. :slight_smile:

Just click on ‘Run in Postman’ and you can checkout the script that is being used inside the collection.
Understand how you can use that script to write responses to file and write your own small server which will write the data to the file system.

Or, just use Newman and you can refer this article that I came across: