Save response in CSV file via newman

I have a Json collection for generate token(post) -> Create New Item (Post) ->Get(itemid)
Already running via newman with html report. the need is to save the body in CSV file for (Create New Item)

I need to create 50 new items and save all those newly-generated items in CSV file? Can some one tell me how to do capture two values itemGeneratedBy and
itemNumber from json Response and save it in csv?

@sivcan @dannydainton Sorry i need for this you guys as expert.

What have you tired so far? Can you show us at what point it’s not working?

What is the response body? Are those 2 properties you mentioned the only thing in the response?

Hi Danny,
I have tried same csvpackage and executed my scripts. And the CSV gives me the whole response.


No 2 property does exists but in some path for body (which i need). Below is the sample output

Since i want this iteration to run for 20 times or may be more and need only two itemid and itemGeneratedby from response

1 . How can i use only the Body of one request for 20 iteration? That is for 2nd (Create Item)
2. Can i extract itemid and itemGeneratedby from responsebody of 2nd request and save it in csv report ?

It looks like using Newman as a library, rather than from the command line with a specific reporter is going to be the option here.

You can tap into the different events and extract the data you want from the response and feed this into a CSV file.

The node ‘fs’ module will allow you to write the data into a file.

Just a hacky example piece of code and is not a finished or polished solution:

const newman = require('newman'),
      fs = require('fs'){
  collection: '<Collection File>',
}).on('console', function (error, args) {
      fs.appendFileSync('./results.csv', args.messages, function (error) {

Add this to your request:

let itemOne = "<location of value in the response>",
    itemTwo = "<location of value in the response>";


This will save the console statements to a csv file, it has multiple limitations and you could do the same thing to get the dat via the request event and narrow it down to just a specific request but this was a quick hack :smiley:


Thanks for sharing this.

New to newman library, how to work with that if i may ask?

Not sure what you mean.

How do you create a node project and use Newman as a library?

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Likewise :slight_smile: I B’cally have jenkins Ci machine that run my newman collection, and need is to save the Itemid from of response into csv. hope this works ? and have installed npm C:\mymachine\myname\AppData\Roaming\npm

I’ve added some basic instructions for using Newman as a library here.


ahh yes, already have it like this

also have newman-reporter-csv package inside the node_modules

Thanks for developing & posting here it’s awesome and working, just trying to understand it in deep.