How to run postman on a disconnected system (no internet)

I am getting a screen that says:

Unable to load data. We are trying to establish a connection with our servers. Your data may not be up to date until you’re connected

I need to run disconnected from the internet. How do I configure postman to only look for collections on my local file system.

Running Postman 11.04 on windows 11. Did not seem to have theis issue running version 10.

Hi @docking-module-eng14. Welcome to the Postman Community!

You can use the Lightwifth API Client to work offline in Postman.

When I try to send a request using the lightweight client I get a dialog box indicating desktop agent not available. How do I start the desktop agent.

Can you provide a screenshot of this error please?

The Lightweight API Client is only available for the desktop app and the Postman Agent would only be seen when using the Web platform.

Can you share an image of the full window please?

Is this the desktop app or are you using this in a browser?

I clicked on the link that was sent for the lightweight client. I opened in the browser and I hit the launch button on that page. ANyway to get the previous version of postman? Version 10? It did everything we needed.

Hi @docking-module-eng14. The lightweight API client is only available in the desktop application. Additionally, you can download and install the Desktop Agent here