How to run multiple collections in Jenkins

Hey, I am running a collection in Jenkins for an api.I get the html report too for it.
How do I run multiple collections in the same stage (now deploying multiple apis(jars) in the jenkins job, so must test ll the apis). Is one report generated for all the collections or a seperate reports?

Here are package.json, jenkins stage and publishHtml part to publish Report for 1 collection.


“name”: “postman-newman-jenkins”,
“version”: “1.0.0”,
“description”: “My Test Project”,
“directories”: {
“tests”: “tests”
“scripts”: {
“newman-tests”: “newman run --disable-unicode integration_tests/collection.json --reporters cli,junit,html --reporter-junit-export newman.xml --reporter-html-export report/${BUILD_NUMBER}/htmlreport.html --insecure”
“author”: “Test Author”,
“dependencies”: {
“newman”: “^5.1.2”

Jenkins Stage:

stage(‘integration test’) {
steps {
//sh ‘sudo npm install -g newman-reporter-html’
sh ‘npm run newman-tests’
junit ‘newman.xml’

and the post action:

publishHTML (target: [
allowMissing: false,
alwaysLinkToLastBuild: false,
keepAll: true,
reportDir: ‘report/${BUILD_NUMBER}’,
reportFiles: ‘htmlreport.html’,
reportName: ‘Postman Integration Test Report’

Hi there.

Seems there is some information about the same issue: Help needed , How do i run all collections in one Folder

Hope that helps.