Sending multiple concurrent request in Postman

I am trying to send and receive multiple concurrent requests asynchronously in Postman. It seems from the docs here: Postman JavaScript reference | Postman Learning Center that it can be done, but being relatively new to Postman, I’m not sure if this is the case or if it is the best way to do it.

Basically, I want to send request 1, request 2, request 3…etc. each with their own API parameters.

Then I wait from the responses to come back asynchronously, and act on each one accordingly.

I’ve read enough of the docs to know how to add pre-request and test scripts, and have set up folders and collections. I also know how to use the Collection Runner and iterate through my API requests. But it seems like I might be better off just coding everything in a script and letting it do all the work. Ultimately, I’d like to have some arrangement of for() loops to send the requests, then a means to handle the async requests as they come in.

Any guidance on the best approach is much appreciated. Also, if there are any specific code samples online or in the docs (I could not find any) on how to go about this, that would be a great starting point.