How to remove quotes from console output (log, info, debug, error)?

If I use console output functions, such as console.log,, etc., the output messages get printed enclosed in double quotes. For example, the following code:

var hello = "Hello!";;

will produce this output:


Is there any way to print console message without quotes, such as:


I found two conflicting post at Stack Overflow: javascript - How to show string output in console.log with quotation marks? - Stack Overflow and web api testing - How to print plain text in POSTMAN Console without quotation marks? - Stack Overflow. The first post claims that strings are always printed without quotes, but that’s not what I see (I have the latest version of the Postman desktop app, running on Windows). The second post asks for the same thing I need, but there is no solution (the only reply asks to mess with the configuration file, and it seems a bit risky to me).

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