How to not sync Tokens in Oauth2

Hello we are developing using POSTMAN, which is great by the way.

Our devel environment is in local through Docker Containers, every developer has its own instance.

So, once we sync, the team gets the same token and this only works for 1 person.

¿Is there ny way to not to sync Auth tokens?

I believe this has been answered:

TL;DR - Only values that are set as “Initial Value” for an environment are synced with your team members. The “current values” for an environment are private.

Here’s an example of my environment that is used across the company, I’ve deleted other sensitive data from the screenshot for obvious reasons :stuck_out_tongue:

So when a user that is part of the workspace selects this environment, they will not have the “auth-token: 9847583475ugjhghuirtoigh895h” env variable.

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