Run Test cases using an API endpoint

I am looking for an endpoint that can run all the test cases I have created in postman

Is it possible?

I am not looking for the option of monitoring as I have already tried that but that’s not a good approach

@jalib.khan Can you explain the use case that you are unable to solve using Postman Monitors.

Basically I can use monitors but the case is that I can’t use it because I have to create a monitor for every collection
I wanted to know if there’s an endpoint to run all the test cases in a collection

@jalib.khan I don’t think we support this feature. In Postman you can only run tests inside one collection and for that either you can use Postman Runner, Newman or Monitors.

@prashant_postman Thanks for your help

You can run all the tests inside a collection by using the Postman Pro API with Newman.

You’ll need to create a Postman Pro API Key in order to use this.

So, I can type in the below into a command terminal (or create a .bat file which will run the tests upon double clicking it)

newman run "{{putYourTestCollectionIDHere}}/?apikey={{postmanProAPIKeyGoesHere}}" --environment "{{putYourEnvironmentIDHere}/?apikey={{postmanProAPIKeyGoesHere}}"

This way, you can also trigger the running of your tests in your build tool (TeamCity, Jenkins, TravisCI etc.)

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@pfarrell That is a great answer.

To add on to that, you could probably arrange similar collections in a workspace in Postman to help you segregate which collections to run at a time.

So let’s say you have a Project X, and all collections related to that project are in a workspace. You could then use the Postman API, to fetch that individual workspace. Here’s what the response looks like:

  "workspace": {
    "id": "f8801e9e-03a4-4c7b-b31e-5db5cd771696",
    "name": "Demo workspace",
    "type": "personal",
    "description": "Demos.",
    "collections": [
        "id": "7c31b469-bd43-4411-9283-6d397855ee0e",
        "name": "Mock demo - collection",
        "uid": "1234-7c31b469-bd43-4411-9283-6d397855ee0e"
        "id": "356fe068-a0f8-4f31-b34d-d12149eac681",
        "name": "Mock demo - response code",
        "uid": "1234-356fe068-a0f8-4f31-b34d-d12149eac681"
    "environments": [
        "id": "423fd955-a9c8-47cd-9ab0-09a6a575c4be",
        "name": "Mock demo - CNX",
        "uid": "1234-423fd955-a9c8-47cd-9ab0-09a6a575c4be"
        "id": "24c45c84-5147-4c15-bb9a-c3186b81d3cc",
        "name": "Mock Demo - response code",
        "uid": "1234-24c45c84-5147-4c15-bb9a-c3186b81d3cc"

You could then iterate over the workspace.collections array to run all those collections by extracting the id from there.

Hope this helps.

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