How can I use dataset json file to run a request automatically?

I have a dataset for my request and it just run when I import manually in collection runner. How can I use my json file to run a request automatically?
Ex: I have an authentication request with username and password. I try to test some cases for it like valid login and invalid login and define it in the json file. I would like running it every single day with monitor. How can I handle that case?

Did you look at Newman,
That’s an CLI for your Postman collections.

All you need to do is

  1. define a collection in Postman
  2. test it and get it to work
  3. export it and use Newman to run the exported collection.

In your particular case you can also use import files to import some valid/invalid usernames. (Works with Newman too ;)).

1 Like did you find any solution in postman web account view?