How to handle different http code validation in one get request

Hi Postman pro,
As you know we have different http code validation for one request like 200, 401 or 400.

In postman header Authorization token is required. In my case if auth token is valid than it will return 200 after login, if auth token is invalid than 401, if login username not found then 400.

As of now auth token, username I am storing in env variable and I am writing different GET or POST REQUEST to validate.

So to validate 200, 401, 400 I am writing 3 different GET or POST request. Refer screen
Screen Shot 2021-10-29 at 5.24.59 AM

My question, am I doing right way of writing GET call or there is any way I can simulate 200, 401, 400 validation in one call.
for 200 using validate auth token which I am getting from env variable and this I am storing when user login. POST login writing auth token to env variable
for 401 using invalidate auth token which I am getting from env variable
for 400 using data from env variable.