How to GET Tweets from a User based on Keywords

Hello, I’m using the Academic Track of Twitter with Twitter API v2. I am going to do an archive search. I want Tweets from individual users based on keywords for a particular period of time. Any help is appreciated

Hi @mhnpp
Could you share some screenshots of what you have tried so far?
Have you followed the Twitter quick start docs?
And the getting started with Postman docs

Yes. I have read the suggestions and have collected public tweets using keywords. Now I am looking for Tweets mentioning COVID-19 from the Twitter account of the Ministry of External Affairs of India during the period of Jan 2020 - December 2020. Only Tweets. No Retweets.

I am completely new here. Don’t know to code. So, I am using postman imported collection.

This is how I tried. Corona OR COVID-19)lang:en -is:retweet

401 unauthorised would suggest youre not authorised to access the endpoint… have you done step two in this link.

Next, add a variable for all of the different keys and tokens that you’ve generated via the Apps dashboard into the table.

Hi w4dd325

Thank you for your time. But I have completed the authorisation. And I am able to access Tweets from Indian Embassy in Melbourne - @cgimelbourne
I used Timelines (User Tweet Timeline by ID) and ran the following imported commands.