How to get data from header 'location'

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My question:
My issue is that I want to extract an url from header response (location): the response show 2 times the same url: exp: https://pro.uat.test/https:/cam.testcase/test/

Details (like screenshots):

How to get only thr second part of the header response : https:/cam.test.testcase/PRODUCR221333
Or only the id PRODUCR221333 ?

How I found the problem:

Is there a solution ? Many thanks
I’ve already tried:

Hi @jadrissi

You could save the value returned in the header as a variable and then use slice to remove characters as needed.


let URL = '';
console.log(URL.slice(62, -5));


OR …

You could use a RegEx


let URL = '';
var array = new RegExp("/v0/(.*?)/info").exec(URL);
    if(array!=null && array.length>0 && array[1]!=null){
        //pm.globals.set("secret", ""+array[1]);


Hi @w4dd325 thank you so much I will try it and let you know

Thank you very much it works fine :ok_hand:

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