Get data from Location header with Flows


I’m testing Flows and I wanted to extract a data from a response header (Location).
Usually I was doing it in the Test section of the request and saving the data in an environment variable like this:

let location = pm.response.headers.get("Location").split('?');
let params = location[1].split('&');
let code = params.pop().substring(5);
pm.environment.set("auth_code", code);

But it seems that it’s not possible with Flows because I got this warning
Updating environment variables using flows not supported.
How would you do in this case


Hi @hakkei

Updating environment variables aren’t supported in flows.

You can access the headers from the response of a Send Request block by using a Select Block:

In your case the Location can be selected and then passed to another block in the flow.

Yes thanks for your answer then I suppose the only way is to work with the Evaluate block and make FQL request to treat the data.


For now yes, but we will have an alternative coming very soon.

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