How to get a total of emails created before a date

I’m trying to get a total of emails created before a certain date. The API call retrieves all the emails, even the emails after the date I set in my testing. Here is an example of the URL I’m using


I even tried adding this query at the end of the URL

Is there a way to get the total of emails created before the date?

This will be down to the API and what it will accept.

Do you have instructions\documentation for the API?

Decent documentation should have examples for each of the query parameters, and this should include the “createdAt” parameter if its valid. (If it even supports query parameters that is).

Took me forever, but I was able to find the documentation.

Do you have it working now?

Can you share the working request? Just in case anyone else searches this on the forum?

I have it working now. The working API call>unix time stamp

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