Filter Data using Date Field

I need last 2 years data based on the field called Submit Date (It’s in the output), below is the output from rest call,

    "entries": [
            "values": {
                "instance ID": "090909090",
                "PersonID": null,
                "Submit Date": "2023-03-24T19:57:53.000+0000",
                "Assigned To": null,
                "Last Modified By": "jackl",
                "Last Modified Date": "2023-03-27T14:44:38.000+0000",
                "Change Status": "Pending",
                "ModifiedByCheck": null,
                "Short Description": ".",
                "Copy Task Phase Management Rule": "No",
                "Prod Categorization Tier 3": null,
                "AllowPending": null,
                "Product Name": null,
                "Prod Categorization Tier 1": null

API Call. I passed below parameter to query data but it’s not working.


Please help, how can i do that.

Hi @maintenance-pilot-72

Is the API configured to accept the ‘Submit%20Date[after]’ and ‘Submit%20Date[before]’ parameters?

Is there any documentation for the API you are calling?

Is that example all that comes back from the API or do you get more items in your ‘entries’ array?