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Please help me to solve these 2 problems:

  • Although I have an academic developer account, the results of my queries via the Twitter API are limited to tweets from 2022.
  • The search based on the query “cac40%20since%3A2013-11-04” gives no response while the query “cac40” provides more than 1000 tweets created in 2022. We cannot imagine the whole period 2013-2021 without the slightest tweet containing the text “cac40”!

Thanking you in advance for your interest and response.
Best Regards

Hi @medchok

Please provide more information, with examples of what you have tried.


Thank you for your interest and help.
Indeed, I try to program under python an application using the Twitter API.
Although I have an academic account, so the possibility of querying the entire archive, when my call to the API contains the parameter query=cac40 I only get data from 2022. Similarly, the call to the API with query=cac40%20since%3A2013-11-04 gives me no response when it should give at least the data of 2022 since it appears in the response to the query not specifying a date.

Best regards

Hi w4dd325,

Thank You so much for your reply,
In fact I have an academic acount. But when I send this query “cac40%20since%3A2020-11-04T00:00:01.Z%20until%3A2020-13-04T00:00:01.Z” to “https://api.twitter.com/2/tweets/search/all” with a python program using Twitter API V2 the result seems to be limited to tweets from 2022.
Would you, please, tell me if there is a mistake in my query or tell me how to have all tweets talking about cac40 between two dates.

Best Regards