How to do end-end testing for a feature i.e Web Application to postman

Hi Team,

I want to do end-end testing for a feature i.e Web application to Postman.

In my web application, Change the value or data that should be validated in postman.

I want to automate above scenario from Web application to postman.

How to do that?

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To answer to your question,

Can you please provide little more information for us to help better. Kindly read this post.

Okay I get that you are trying to do a end-to-end testing, integrating your front end and backend.

Postman is API management tool, where as you can create, tests and document you API’s. Does your application use API’s for communicating? If so, do you have the API documentation or any sort of collections available already to start off? Please provide more details on your requirement :relaxed:

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Thanks for quick response!

Any data which is being created from web application is being passed through APIs by publishing to the vendors (or) companies.

The data which I entered in web app how do I ensure the same data would be present in APIs response.

Ex: Create an employee(Dynamic data since which is getting from CSV file) in Web application and validate same data in APIs response.

@dariyaamrut , I doubt there’s no end-to-end solution for this kind of validation. You need to manually check the Test data with the primary key is now added in the back end using API requests.

May be you can use the same CSV sheet if possible in your get request to check the data creation, as you quoted in the above example.

@bpricilla Thankyou!


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For this kind of validation Webdriverio or cypress , Postman is for API testing and covers the integration level of test pyramid

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@praveendvd Thanks for your response.

I will go through them.